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Give your readers something more exciting to view online.

Transform your PDF’s into user friendly, digital books with flipping pages known as Flipfiles.   Viewers are far more likely to read these than traditional PDFs, which means they enable you to get your message across to your clients much more effectively.

Why make use of a Flipfile?

If you have a multi-page PDF file that your readers would normally need to download and view in Adobe Reader a Flipfile would be perfect.  Our Flipfiles don’t use flash, downloads or plug-ins, which means that they work on any platform including tablets, iPhone’s and iPad’s without any hassle.

Create a Flipfile for your brochure, annual report, proposal, prospectus or anything else you can think of!  Migrants’ Rights Network transformed their 2010 annual report into a Flipfile.

We offer a reduced fee on our flipfile service for any documents that CDP print for you.  Please ask for further details for a price on or call Nicky on 01276 469704.

Migrants' Rights Network Annual Report

Victoria Fawkes Flipfile

Concierge Flipfile


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